Living a Life that Includes You & Your Plan

Wondering/Wandering and can’t figure out what to do? waiting on someone to tell you what is best? did what someone told you was best, but not happy? your plan is the missing piece of your puzzle.

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Constitutional Rights

Your right to securing freedom and ability to prosper for yourself and your generations.

  • How do you pursue the American Dream?
  • Know & Believe Your Rights
  • Devise Your Personal Plan
  • Identify Tools & Resources for Success
  • Talk to a Life Transition Coach


Connectivity & Catalyst to the American Dream

 Lot’s of talk and promises about the American Dream, but no one every tells you how to make it happen. Wondering/Wandering through life, learning, working, and playing, but no indication that you are there.

“Your Idea / Dream / Vocation is the connectivity & catalyst to the American Dream” Me


Living Your Dream, Personal, Professional, and Leadership Development Workshops. Helping you discover your “Unique” “Personal” Life Plan. Building a foundation, learning to plan, adjust, and be in active pursuit of achieving your plan.

Living Your Dream Toolbox

Plans, Directions, and Tools for planning you, your children/grand, and community. Toolbox includes, but is not limited to: -Wellness, Learning, and Leadership tools for success.


Life Transition Coaching

There’s a counselor and coach for everything, except life. It is all about knowing your plan, role in workforce, yes we have to work to learn, and gaining experience and respect along the way.

Why iY Life - Life Including You & Your Plan

Employment opportunities will change drastically in the next 5-10 years. The jobs we see today will no longer exist. They will be replaced with an opportunity to focus on vocational, freelance, and thus small business ownership. Corporations wants to work directly with you, but you need a plan. We take you through a consistent process for all to (re)Focus, Discover, and GO Journey. 

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Life is a Journey

Family, education, work, play, and community is the training ground for Living Your Dream. Regardless of your current situation, let us help you/them finish strong with a plan.

1st & Only Holistic Personal, Professional, & Leadership Facilitation Solutions

Most Leadership Development programs are focused on training the individual to be a leader for the employer. Most employs do not make the leadership development cut.

It is time for a solution that enbales all individuals to receive personal (K-12, Vocational & Higher Education, Occupation Alignment) and professional (Leadership, Vocation, Entrepreneuership) development training, resources, and coaching.

iY Life – Life Including You & Your Plan is the holistic plan

Wellness & Leadership

Holistic Wellness is the measure instead of other people. Your plan, you fit to carry it out, and becoming the leader of your own plan and life.

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The Right Choice

Featured Case Studies

Here are a few of the case studies / situational analysis for iY Life – Life Including Your Plan

Corporate Executive & Employee

He/She has been successful in larger corporations or the government. Understand Business Management, Product Development, and Governance.

Now it is time to (re)Focus and document the idea/dream and prepare for launch the new venture with a plan, funds, and resources.

iY Life – Living Your Dream provides a personal and professional development plan that includes learning entrepreneurship and business planning. 

Employed, Leadership Prep, Not Happy, Retiring, Vocation



Regardless of the situation, first job, come back, or stepping up many will have to enter and work. Some will retire, but still need to work after retirement. Let’s do this.

iY Life – Living Your Dream provides a personal plan to speak to in the interview. You know when they ask what is your 5 year plan? So many people make something up. You will be answering from a true personal and professional plan. This will give you an edge on the competition.

Underemployed, Employed, Unemployed

Teen Leadership Planning

Teens are discovering, but some already know what they want to do. The same iY Life – Living Your Dream approach enables them to discover through research, occupation discovery tools, and coaching. This also enables the parent(s) to plan for opportunities to discover, expose, and validate understanding during vacations, events, etc.

Life is a Journey, so we teach them to journey. How to learn, discover, plan, and remain agile/flexible through the process. Reducing stress and enjoy life.

Preparing to launch their journey


iY Life - Person Focused Solutions

  • Who Am I? – (re)Focus, dream, and your journey
  • Personal Plans – Education and Occupation
  • Professional Plans – Leadership and Entrepreneurship
  • My Journey & Impact – Financial, Environment, & People/Social

Life Transition Team

You are not in this alone. We have a team of professionals to help you learn, assess you, create a plan, and begin an active journey towards Living Your American Dream

Sandy Najckson

Sandy Najckson

Adult Learning Technologist

Lusa Jean

Lusa Jean

Personal & Professional Plan Facilitator

Melissa Hill

Melissa Hill

Life Transition Coach

20+ Satisfied Customers

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