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Business, Change, Product / Service Development,

User Experience & Interface Design (Thinking, UX / UI), and Learning & Development


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Building Successful Businesses Since 2006

Private & Public Sector Modernization and most recent Design Thinking & User Experience. We have the knowledge, skills, ability & attitude to ensure people, process, and technology align with your mission.

Business Architecture

Business Industry & Organizational Modeling for the purpose of aligning people, process, resources & technology 

UX / UI Design & Testing

Discovering end user / client needs, wants, and buying behaviors using surveys, digital analytics, and observation techniques

Change Management

Business Research, Case Development, Gap Analysis defining Organizational Impacts, while ensuring Ops Integrity 

Learning & Development

Training Administration, Curriculum Development, & Evaluation for professional and leadership development

Organizational Design

Organizational Impact & Gap Analysis and (re)Design; aligning people, process, technology, & resources for the mission

Product / Service Development

Design Thinking approach to evaluating existing and/or creating new products and services that align with end user / client

Making an Impact Across the Globe

The right technology platforms and distribution channels to explore, market, and take advantage the global trade opportunity – Globalization & 4th Industrial Revolution

Leveraging 15 Years of Agile Service

Seeking to become the Digital & Cloud Transformation Partner for corporations and government agencies ready to capture a % of the global market

Managed Shared Service Approach

Business & IT Transformation and Event Managed Shared Services Approach – Utilizing Change, Event, Project, and Learning Management to provide the launch of mission-driven solutions

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Featured Case Studies

Recent Solutions

Innovative Technology – Designed multiple people technologies that are in development at this time. Utilizing design thinking, product/service design, & testing

Digital Transformation – Introduced small business owners to Digital Footprint – Marketing Channels, Client Relationship Management (CRM), and Social Media Management & Marketing.

Curriculum Design, Development & Facilitation – Leveraged existing curriculum and recent content to develop, facilitate, provide one-on-one and group business coaching, product and business plan development.

We are the Right Choice

Hiring GO Journey, Inc. will be the best the decision you can make.

Industry Experience

  • Retail Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Nonprofit Learning
  • Wholesale & Retail Utility
  • Insurance
  • Federal Government
  • Community Development
  • Economic Development

Transformational Services

GO Journey, Inc. presents 30 years of experience, consulting, and leadership development solutions for you and/or your clients / customers / end user

Melissa J. Hill

Melissa J. Hill

Founder / CEO / Sr. Analyst

GO Journey

GO Journey

Global Consulting Services

iY Life

iY Life

Personal & Leadership Development

Satisfied Customers & Colleagues

Hired Melissa to be the first consultant placed with in a major client. Subcontract opportunity.

She handled herself very professional and made it possible to increase the amount of people working on the project. I would not hesitate to use Melissa again.

Matlen Silver Corporation

Sr. IT Recruiter

Proactive approach and manages people’s expectations as well as the tasks. Business Analyst, attention to detail and big picture view left no aspects of her work undone. Excellent job with documentation. Always thinking about the impacts and was very effective. Project management , guided us as we looked to go down the ITIL path, insight and knowledge was invaluable. I highly recommend, was a great asset to our organization.

Worker's Compensation Privatization Client

Sr. VP & CIO

Experienced Business Process and IT Consultant who brought a wealth of experience, ideas, and strategy to our assignment. Nothing rattled  her, adjusted to changes in scope, schedule, management, and our overall process with humor, flexibility, and leadership. I would work with again in a second!

Francine Hyman, Esq

Principal Technical Writer

I served as Melissa’s indirect lead in a high caliber consulting assignment, involving interaction with C-Level Executives and senior management. She successfully developed several analysis and partitioned the results at both an executive and line manager level for Management Consulting Deliverable. I highly recommend Melissa, because she is a team player and would make a great asset.

Yip Yip

Sr. Consultant

What’s Fueling Change?

As the world turns and automation seeks continues to eliminate jobs we must seek what is next. Life, learning, and work are training ground for the ultimate idea/dream/plan. Yes, the individual pursuit of… 

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