Why? This is a Human Revolution

4th & 5th Industrial Revolution + Knowing You + RE/UPSkill = New & Future Skills

Two revolutions running parallel, one eliminating jobs, while the other creating new jobs that require up/reskill. No one can escape this revolution, because humans must be able to connect, live, learn, work, and play utilizing the new digital, cloud, and trade technologies to engage.

4th vs. 5th Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution might be taking humans out of industry but the fifth wants to put them back in. … The fourth and fifth industrial revolutions will work in parallel, with the 5IR defining the ethics and impact of the technology developed in the fourth.


(What is the fifth industrial revolution and how will it change the world?, 2019)

It is a Human Revolution

As the world faces the transformative economic, social and environmental challenges of Globalization 4.0, it has never been more important to invest in people.


Valuing human capital not only serves to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to respond to systemic shifts, it also empowers them to take part in creating a more equal, inclusive and sustainable world.


Education is and will remain critical for promoting inclusive economic growth and providing a future of opportunity for all. But as the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution create new pressures on labour markets, education reform, lifelong learning and reskilling initiatives will be key to ensuring both that individuals have access to economic opportunity by remaining competitive in the new world of work, and that businesses have access to the talent they need for the jobs of the future.


(We need a reskilling revolution. Here’s how to make it happen, 2019)

Requires Human (UP)/(RE) Skill

Upskilling – the process of learning new skills or of teaching workers new skills


Reskilling – the process of learning new skills so you can do a different job, or of training people to do a different job.

(HR In ASIA, 2019)


Cyber-phyiscial Human Revolution – Yes, it is all about you the human, individual, family engaging to live, learn, work, and play. 


A Human Revolution

Who? You

Student, Empoyed, Unemployed, Underemployed - Degreed & Non-Degreed

Every human being onthe face of this earth needs up/reskill. We hope to reach adults and families make a generational impact. Each plan representing an economic development plan for the individual, family, and community.


  • Individual
  • Young & Seasoned
  • Families
  • Veterans 
  • Military Families
  • Working or Retired
  • Disabled

We seek to help every individual develop a personal up/reskill plan that in turns creates a win for the individual, family, workplace, and community.

The move to client-centered solutions/products/services starts at at home/corporate/agency. The Winners design Human Capital Solutions that ensure that all are connected, able to engage, and have a sense of belonging and knowing their role and value.

We help you and your children, grandchildren, via Living Your Dream with Lifelong Learning Plans, while ensuring that all understand the mission, vision, occupational competencies, career track options, and how to choose vocational, higher education, and professional certifications to create a up/reskill plan.


  • For Profit
  • Non / Not for Profit

We need you to survive. We work at the Human Capital level, but each employee will learn self worthy, career tracks, industry, and opportunity for the basis of their personal up/reskill plans.

Outcomes of Living Your Dream will impact the bottom line, because individuals will be more in tune with self, have a lifelong learning plan, and a determination to become and know the process to remain relevant and thus a viable human capital asset.

The same way that you are now designing the marketing, product development, and distribution of solutions/products/services based on client wants, needs, and behaviors, you must do the same within your corporation. This must start at the heart of every employee and even some of your top supply chain partners. 

We help your employees and their families, via Living Your Dream with Lifelong Learning Plans, while ensuring that all understand the mission, vision, occupational competencies, career track options, and how to choose vocational, higher education, and professional certifications to create a up/reskill plan.


  • Federal
  • State
  • County
  • Local
  • Other

Resource providers also need up/reskill and human-centered human capital plans. We thank you for your service and need you to survive. We help all understand the need for all to Serve their country. This can be accomplished in the Military or Civilian Service.

Your charge to “provide for a more perfect union.” (Preamble, 2020) requires learning, plans, and outcomes that ensures continuity and measureable impacts.

We help the agency employees and your constituents in the same manner as others, via Living Your Dream Lifelong Learning Plans and ensuring that all understand the mission, occupational competencies, and career track options.


Places of Worship

  • ALL

What we teach? Your Spiritual must be acknowledged and part of the plan.

Living Your Dream is based on the whole person and using the Holistic Wellness model that helps the individual create a plan that includes knowing their:

  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Intellectual
  • Social

Their Spiritual we do not teach, but encourage the student to (re)connect, learn, and BECOME a part of the community for knowing, learning, and being relevant for the purpose of life balance and maturity.

This is your opportunity to “meet them where they are” and provide connectivity (Wi-Fi), so they can learn basic, technology, and communications skills to remain employable.

In exchange they/you get the opportunity to (re)connect for the purpose of holistic wellness and belonging/community.

Living Your Dream - Ideology

Wellness + Lifelong Learning = Leadership

Holstic Wellness yields a plan of intentionally living for the purpose of sustaining and creating wealth for self and generations. How to do this is not known to everyone, so Living Your Dream provides a process/logic model for the individual. A process/logic model, tools, and a coach for individual success that yields personal wealth.


Wellness is an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence.

National Wellness Institute, 2020

Lifelong Learning

You can conclude from the above that pedagogy is a child-focused teaching approach, whereas andragogy an adult-focused teaching approach; or, formally, pedagogy is the art and science of helping kids learn, whereas andragogy is the art and science of helping adults learn.

eLearning Industry, 2015

You the Leader

It is my enduring belief that leadership is not an inherent talent — it can be developed. The only requirement is an investment in developing the requisite leadership values, knowledge, attributes and talents.

Nick van Dam, Ph.D.,

Chief Learning Officer, 2007

What? Individual UP/RESKILL Plans

It's a Revolution - A Human Revolution - Live, Love, Learn, Work, & Play

The content of your personal plan defines you, your personality, capabilities, aspiration, goals, and experience. All of this personal information is needed, so you can be comfortable with you, know and present you, and tell the world that you are on a journey.

Living Your Dream - Logo

How? Workshops, Planning, & Coaching

4th & 5th Industrial Revolution + RE/UPSkill = Employability

Two revolutions running parallel, one eliminating jobs, while the other creating new jobs that require up/reskill. No one can escape this revolution, because humans must be able to connect, live, learn, work, and play utilizing the new digital, cloud, and trade technologies to engage.

What WE Do Together

We learn, evaluate, plan, and coach you through three workshops that must be taken in order. Our workshops are hands-on-learning Virtual or Onsite. During the workshop regardless of ability everyone leaves with the same promised outputs.

We will introduce assistive technology to help people that cannot read and the same for writing.

Upon completion the student will:

  • Know the value of self
  • Have a personal plan
  • Have access to a personal Coach

More than anything all will know there is a method and process to Living Your Dream, The American Dream.

This is not about quitting your job or not working, but about knowing your personal value, learning to reap the reward of learning, being a part of success, knowing how to balance and celebrate life daily.



Let us help you (re)Focus on your dream, leverage your experience, and create your personal plan for living your dream. Helping you identify and get to know you, present yourself, ideas, and aspirations. Documenting your personal wellness plan that aligns with your dream.

Upon completion of the workshop the student will have a:

  • Positive view of self via identity and their value & belief system
  • Personal Wellness Plan
  • Understand personality and how to engage in a diverse environment
  • Next Move™ Plan (O*Net Tool)
  • Leverage current education, work, and family experience as a foundation for a plan
  • Student learns to overcome challenges that impede their journey

The personal dream is the connectivity and catalyst to prosperity and one building for posterity.  Education, work, and living are the training ground for you to discover self, likes, dislikes, what is right, and wrong. We will help you (re)Focus on you, your dream, write your personal dream statement, and plan.

Upon completion of the workshop the student will:

  • Leverage Positive view of self via identity and value & belief
  • Documented Dream Statement
  • Documented Dream Plan
  • Sign and Present their Self-Declaration & Authorized Plan
  • Know how to present/pitch who they are and their dream
  • Plan Coaching Sessions
  • Understand their economic power

Living Your Dream – Status

Book of Names

Plan, Track, Cost, & Notate

From Challenges to solutions

Hopefully, you will see your goals as projects, and this will help you learn project management. Every goal, task, etc. should have a plan with a way to track and cost.

Write about your process to achieve each task. Your notes may become a pertinent part of your research, business model, and procedures for product/service development and distribution


A dream, a plan and active pursuit makes for a journey.  Writing, critical thinking, personal development tools. There are tasks, people, ideas and challenges to outcomes, book of names (rolodex), personal evaluation, soul searching, and a daily journal. All for actively living the dream.

Upon completion of the workshop the student will:

  • Leverage Positive view of self via identity and value & belief
  • Utilizing Dream Plan
  • Be in Active & Fit pursuit of:
    • Personal Wellness Plan
    • Weekly tasks
    • Evaluate relationships
    • Overcome challenges and ask for help
    • Launch & Celebrate!!!



Facilitated Planning sessions for groups and individuals to ensure all have up/reskill plans.

  • Lead Facilitator
  • Facilitation Assistants
  • Technical Writers

Will be used to ensure all will learn and write their personal up/reskill plan.


Proven repeatable approach that enables the invidivual to discover identity, dream, and career track goals. 


Living Your Dream Toolbox includes:

  • Discover Your Dream Booklet
  • Planner
  • Journal
  • K-5 – Dream Declaration
  • 15 Minute Initial Coaching Session
Assistive Technologies

Assistive technology –  device, software, or equipment that helps people work around their challenges. We will work with each client during registration to determine their need for this type of support in the in classroom or virtual.



We coach throughout the workshop using your idea/dream/vocation as an example to provide a learning experience that moves you toward living your dream. We also coach pre and post each workshop. We will analyze ideas to determine possible opportunities for group sessions. 

These group sessions enable us to reach more people, while the students leverage each others ideas, situations, and lessons learned.


75% of our Coaching will be one-on-one. People need personal attention during this transition from pedagogy to andragogy and into digital fluency. It is about overcoming fear, taking a risk to Become, and staying focused on the plan.

We also offer the adult family coaching as well, because their family is part of the plan. We hope to reach as many generations as possible showing all how to dream, plan, and actively pursue and enjoy the journey.


We offer face-to-face and virtual coaching sessions for your convenience and to reach global clients. Students will learn how to connect, learn, engage, and be productive.

Coaching sessions will be based on an initial consultation, assessment, and feedback. Post plan sessions will be based on the plan and the individual maintaining focus, balance, and acquiring resources to be successful.


We know that during this transition many will not make the cut, so we will offer Job Coaching Services.

Personal Outcomes? Value Self & Plan

Holistic Wellness - Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Social, Intellectual = Balance for Living Your Life - Occupational Wellness

Most will stay with their current employer, but will still need the human and technology up/reskill to ensure the corporation/agency/organization can continue to meet the mission. Personally, one will use the same skills to connect, live, love, learn, work, and play. Personal wellness starts with knowing self and having a plan.

Get to Know You

No more being known by titles. We will help you get to know you the human being that has sacraficed so much for others to Become. This is a Human Revolution, so this is about you using technology to connect, live, learn, work, and play. You must know you.

Value You

Learning to value you the human being, after getting to know you. The good, bad, beautiful, and challenges must be embraced, valued, and leveraged to move forward, stay balanced, and achieve personal and professional goals.

Write Your Plan

A personal plan that will enable the individual to be sure of self, in pursuit of self-sufficiency, and able to boldly articulate personal and professional goals, experience, and credentials. All for the purpose of Becoming according to plan.

Journal & Coach

The journal is crucial to evaluating the plan, enable the individual to assess situations, people, and resources for the purpose of achieving the plan, but also living a balanced life. The journal and coach helping the individual, experience, write, and evaluate.

Successful Pilot

Kentucky's Women's Business Expo - 2017

We launched our first group pilot at the Kentucky Women’s Business Expo in 2017 at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, KY. It was a success, lots of positive feedback, but more than anything women excited about pursuing their dream. Facilitated two sessions for young and seasoned individuals for the purpose of inspiring more to seek entrepreneurship.

"Breaking Through Barriers" 2017

Join Community Ventures and the Women’s Business Center of Kentucky as we welcome Melissa J. Hill as a 2017 Workshop Speaker! Melissa’s workshops “Working Toward Your Dream Part I & Part II” will inspire attendees to refocus on their dreams.