GO Journey

Making Mission Possible for Corporations, Agencies, Organizations, Individuals & Families


We are All on a Mission 


Our Services

Business, Product Design, Change, Organizational, and Learning & Development Services

Business, Change & Organizational Development

Product/Service Design, Data Analysis, Organizational Development, & Change Management. Utilizing Design Thinking, User Exchange & Interface design ensuring alignment with customer wants, needs, and buying behaviors. Executing within performance, quality, and compliance requirements.


Digital & Cloud Transformation Services

Digital, Cloud, & eCommerce transition is inevitable for all, government, corporations, agencies, organizations, individuals, and families.

All for the purpose of Global Trade

Learning, Personal, Professional, Wellness, & Leadership Facilitation

All change starts with a willingness to learn, apply what is learned, and continuously evaluate to ensure people, process, resources, and technology are meeting the mission. Continuous improvement begins with each individual.

Chief Visionary Officer

Greetings, I am Melissa J. Hill, Chief Visionary Office of GO Journey, Inc.

After 30 years of Operations Management and the later 15 in Business & Systems Modernization projects for Fortune 500 and the Federal Government it was time for a unique approach to managed shared services. I sought to design and deliver services that impact your corporation, agency, organization, community, family, and individual. 

Leaders are developed by their willingness to learn, exposure, and life experiences. Family, School, Work, and Community is the training ground for living your dream.


Melissa J. Hill

Melissa J. Hill

CEO & Founder

30 Years Operations Management with later 15 in Fortune 500 & Federal Government Consulting Services

Roles in Retail Management, Financial Shared Services Lead, Assistant to the Treasurer, IT Training Specialist, Organizational Development Analyst, Project Manager, Business Systems Analyst, and CEO & Founder.

Lifelong Learner:

  • BS – Business Administration – Marketing
  • MS – Human Resource Development (HRD)
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Certification
  • Design Thinking Certification
  • User Experience (UX) & User Interface (UI) Certifications
  • FLETC – Law Enforcement Instructional Systems Design Certification
  • Master Instructional Systems Design Certification – Langevin