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4th Industrial Revolution – Automation & Robotics will continue to eliminate jobs in the United States. Many states begin preparing for this disruption 10 years ago. Today is your day to determine your corporate or personal strategy to (re)skill.


Learning – GED & Higher Education, Training – Quick new or up skill, Apprenticeship – combined learning, training, and on the job training with a qualified employer that results in being employable.


Realism about Reskilling

“Every person deserves the opportunity for dignified employment that provides living wages and potential for advancement. However, for many in America today, this is far from reality, as they are caught in a cycle of low-wage work, earning poverty wages, and unable to move up in the economy.” (Realism about Reskilling, 2019)



High-speed connection to the internet that is always available.

Broadband is the catalyst to “participating” in the 4th Industrial Revolution and beyond. No “high-speed internet” means no participation. 

A lack of digital readiness is especially prevalent among older, non-Asian minority, less-educated, and lower-income individuals. A lack of in-home computing equipment also functions as a major barrier, although community centers like libraries can function as substitutes.

(Signs of Digital Distress, Brookings Institute, 2020)



$30+ Billion Dollar ReSkill Forecast

This is us. 35% Black and 43% Hispanic need Digital and Business Literacy training. They will learn via on the job training. Otherwise we will leave them behind


An estimated 53 million people—44 percent of all U.S. workers ages 18–64—are low-wage workers. That’s more than twice the number of people in the 10 most populous U.S. cities combined. Their median hourly wage is $10.22, and their median annual earnings are $17,950.

Low-wage work spans gender, race, and geography, but, women and members of racial and ethnic minority groups are disproportionately likely to be low-wage workers. A Black worker is 32 percent more likely to earn low wages than a white counterpart—that number jumps to 41 percent for Hispanic workers. Altogether, women are 19 percent more likely than men to be low-wage workers.


New & Future Jobs

  • As jobs are transformed by the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we need to reskill more than 1 billion people by 2030.
  • In the next two years – by 2022 – 42% of core skills required to perform existing jobs are expected to change.
  • In addition to high-tech skills, specialized interpersonal skills will be in high demand, including skills related to sales, human resources, care and education.

The world is facing a reskilling emergency.

(We Need a Global Reskilling Revolution – Here’s Why?)



Employers want employees that know who they are, what they want, now they will be an asset to their corporation or organization. They want to hire people with a plan, willing to learn, that can think critically, be creative, and is on track to be a thought leader in their industry and career track.

This starts with the individual and employer investing in new and future job skills immediately.

Knowledge, Skills, and being sure about one’s ability spawns productivity and innovation. This is what every corporation, agency, and organization needs to continue to compete now and into the future. 

Embrace the opportunity of freelance, business owner, innovation, etc… the possibilities are unlimited because of broadband, technology, and our ability to create a solution, product, and/or service that business, government, or consumers need and want to purchase.




Corporations, Government Agencies, Organizations, Individuals, & Families

Invest in your most valuable asset – human capital. Corporations, Organizations, Individuals, & Families – Home, School, Work, & Community will all need reskill for the new and future jobs. We have one solution, will help you create Human Resource Development (HRD) Strategies for your Corporation and Government Agency that aligns each individual with making your mission possible. We will also help create individual personal and professional development plans for jobs, career, and vocational tracks.


We specialize in helping individuals prepare to transition to Entrepreneurship as a career track. Starting as a side gig and eventually a full launch, creating jobs (growth), and making an economic impact in Rural & Urban communities.



RESKILL Ideology

As we continue to transition to automation this is an opportunity for individuals to discover and become leaders of their own lives. Yes, they will still need and seek employment, but within industries and with employers that align with their values, beliefs, and career track. An individual intentionally living well and having a personal and professional plan for work and development is a win win for all.


A Human-Centered Approach to Human Capital Strategies

Human-Centered Design is not just for the client/customer, but also internal for the employees and  you the individual. Many will seek and complete their own up/reskill options, but most employed will consider themselves safe. The later is not the truth. Every Corporation, Agency, Organization, and Individual must up/reskill to remain a viable asset. We offer Individual Plans, but all Corporate HRD (Human Resource Development) UP/Reskill Strategies.

Valuate the Human Capital Asset

Create Individual (re)Skill Plans



Home Training, Life Skills, Roles & Responsibilities at Home, Work, & Play

Interpersonal – Terms of Engagement & Communication at Home, Work, & Play

Business Communication, Computer, Digital, & eCommerce Training for understanding Global Trade

Executing the (re)Skill, Personal, & Professional Development Plan to meet the mission at Home, Work, & in the Community

GO Journey, Inc. provides Virtual & Onsite Learning, Facilitation, and Coaching. We offer Group, Individual, & Family Plans

UP/RESKILL Workshops

Interpersonal (Softskills), Critical Thinking, & Technology Training

Every individual will have a unique up/reskill plan, but all will need some basic skills according to the US Department of Labor. We utilize the Competency Model Clearinghouse to help the individual determine their minimum occupational requirements. This up/reskill is also about the human being learning to use technology to connect, live, love, learn, and play beyond the workplace. We have crafted offerings within a simulator (hands on you as your example) for home, work, and community environments and scenarios. Serving all abilities.

Entrepreneurship, Business, & Strategic Planning

New & Future Small & Medium Business & Job Training

Small & Medium Business Digital, Cloud, & eCommerce Deployment

Connectivity Simulator – Broadband – Home, School, Work, & Community

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