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Learning Strategy & Architecture

Learning Administration & Event Management

Curriculum Development & Evaluation

Learning & Development

30 years of Learning / Training Administration Services, Curriculum Development, Training Delivery, & Evaluation

Business & IT Learning & Development – Operations and PMO (Portfolio & Program Management Office) experience

Fortune 500, Federal Government, Large Nonprofit, and Community. Project, PMO, and Operations – Training Shared Services, and Service Costing.

Research & Development

 Research industry, courseware, instructional delivery methods, stakeholder, and supply chain partners.

Learning Strategy

Annual, Career Track, Compliance, and Industry learning strategies that provides goals and objectives for organizational success.


Learning Architecture

Business Industry & Organizational Modeling for the purpose of aligning people, process, resources & technology 

Learning Administration

Learning student, venue, and facilitator coordination, administration, and management for the purpose of transfer.

Event Planning & Management

Events might be internal and others external to your corporation. Either way we provide full life cycle management.


Student Logistics

Aligning your most precious asset, Employees, Supply Chain, and Stakeholders to ensure quality

Instructional Design

ADDIE Model – Role-based development, Business, IT, and Soft skills. Evaluation of new and modified content.

Learning Delivery

Instructional-led, eLearning, hybrid – synchronous & asynchronous delivery. Utilizing Learning Management Systems & Virtual Delivery platforms.


Learning Evaluation

Training Administration, Curriculum Development, & Evaluation for professional and leadership development

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Connectivity for the purpose of learning. The next 5 years are going to be critical for corporations and individuals to prepare and align with jobs of tomorrow. Creating a multi billion dollar estimate on (re)/(up) skill for digital, automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence. The ability to compete will be hinged on knowing, creating, and engaging for the purpose of capturing a % of the market.

Image by Harish Sharma from Pixabay 

Leveraging 15 Years of Agile Service

Seeking to become the Digital & Cloud Transformation Partner for corporations and government agencies ready to capture a % of the global market

Managed Shared Service Approach

Business & IT Transformation and Event Managed Shared Services Approach – Utilizing Change, Event, Project, and Learning Management to provide the launch of mission-driven solutions

Featured Case Studies

Recent Solutions

(re)/(up)Skill Partner

It is time for every employee from labor to C-Level to assess their KSA’s to be effective in the New/Future Workforce. We offer personal evaluations, soft skills, leadership, communications, business, computer, and information technology training, certification prep, and test center services.

Corporate Training Services

Support for Operations and Project Training Services – Training Adminsitration, Curriculum Development, and Evaluation Services.

Experience with Project, Operations Startup, and Supply Chain Partner support for delivering transformational learning services.

Community – Level HRD Services

This where we need to make the impact. Inter-generational training in the community because we are only as strong as our weakest link. We will seek to be the premiere community service provider in our regional and global via virtual training services.  Getting as many as possible across the finish line.

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