The SoleFood Market & Value-Added Bakery

Virtual - Open Air - Drive-Thru Social Distancing Compliant Farmers Market


Fresh Blessed Produce, Staples, and Baked Goods


Our Market

The SoleFood Market was inspired by local grocery store models in small towns that provided a hub fresh, nutritious, and fair priced groceries in the community. 

A Farmers Market approach will give local gardners the opportunity to participate in the need to stabilize the food supply in our community. This approach will hopefully inspire more to pursue the art of farming.

Farmers Market is the Merchant in 2020

At this time the Farmers Market is the Merchant, but we are seeking to engage with those interested in joining the market. We will have Virtual Training, Registration, and Onboarding for all intersted. 

Due to COVID-19 every precaution will be taken to ensure social distancing and compliance.


We are workign with local WV and regional Farms to source Organic produce. This proces will take a year to ensure we are delivering certified organic goods. We will continue to learn and share to bring you organic produce.

Local Merchants




Your Wellness is your Super Power - Holistic, Intentional, and Planned

– ME

Spiritual - Values and Beliefs is the foundation from which one speaks and makes life impacting decisions


– ME

Mental & Physical Stance is balanced on your spiritual / value & belief platform. Fresh produce provides needed nutrients for mind and body balance.


– ME

SoleFood is fuel for your personal and generational journey. Teach them to eat to live a well life - right foundation, balance, and healthy choices for the purpose of living - in active pursuit of your goals


– Me

2020 Events

06 August 20

SoleFood Share Launch

Order pre-packaged Wellshare boxes.

– Fiber & Protein

– SoleFood

Order by Tuesday this week – Drive-thru pick up Thursday – Saturday the following week.

01 October 20

SoleFood Market – Open Air

We will open with local sourcing from Veteran and WV Supply Chain Partners and Vendors.

Days & Hours of Operation:

Thursday – 7 AM – 7 PM

Friday – 7 AM – 7 PM

Saturday – 7 AM – 2 PM